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From your reading so far, you have probably surmised the best way to get started at home, especially if you are new to the industry is through a professional transcription company. Additionally, there are hoards of them to be found as you research for opportunities on-line. A small directory of some great companies to work with has already been provided for you within the information of this book.

It is suggested that as your career progresses, the time to open up your own MT service is after you gain some much needed experience either working within a public hospital setting, clinic or physicianís office. In doing so, you will gain a good understanding of the industry and its expectations.

Additionally, before going into business for yourself, it is further suggested that you become credentialed as outlined in Chapter five. By doing so, you will gain the confidence of the health care providers in your area as rapport with your clients will be essential.

With experience and credentials, operating a small MT business is like any other small business; you must be aware of business expectations in your locale and not only understand the expectations of the MT within the area of healthcare delivery, but also be a smart businessman or woman.

Following are a variety of methods designed to get your business recognized in the community:

  1. First develop content as to why your services will meet the health providerís needs indicating your qualifications as far as training, experience, and credentials.
  2. Contact hospitals, Urgent Care facilities, chiropractors, psychiatrists and any health care specialist who regularly sees patients. Most generally, they all need MTs.
  3. Send your qualifications to the individual provider or office manager. Many times it is the office manager that makes the hiring decision as far as the MT.
  4. Write a good resume and make it part of your marketing and professional portfolio.
  5. Print up some nice business cards. Include your email address on your business card. Try setting up an email name that is indicative of your business. Place a medical style logo on your business card.
  6. Network to gain business. Inform family, friends, and business acquaintances of your new business.
  7. Place classified ads seeking new clients. This may be your most expensive marketing technique; however, you may just end up picking up a few physicianís offices and/or clinics by doing so.
  8. Make up a good flyer attaching to it your professional looking business card and attach your flyer to your portfolio. Most generally, after perusing your marketing materials, providers will retain your business card in case there is a future need.
  9. Contact other MT companies offering your services as an outsource as well as contacting hospital, clinics and health care providers by way of the telephone.
  10. Network with MT forums as a further way of gaining new business.
  11. There are many ways to gain new business as a trained MT. The first step however is to get started by getting trained. As you can see from the previous chapters, the field can yield a lifetime of opportunity as long as you are ready to apply yourself to this very much in demand profession: the profession of the highly skilled Medical Transcriptionist, a substantial contributor in the process of professional health care delivery.

    Donít wait! If this occupation interests you and you possess a keen interest in words, and are a stickler for details then this could be your best choice available for a viable home based career or business.

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