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Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary, v7.0 contains well over 107,000 medical terms including 5,000 new terms and is complete with definitions, audio pronunciations, etymologies, hyphenations, images, tables, and animations.

Only Stedman’s provides the MT student with comprehensive content in an easy to use, flexible electronic format. It is the most complete electronic tool available for medical writing, editing, transcription as well as ready reference.

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The twenty-seventh Edition with four color illustrations. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary/27 is the most comprehensive medical word reference ever published. It contains more than 102,000 total terms with almost 12,000 new to the current edition. Beautifully illustrated with nearly 1,100 color images, photographs, and tables that clarify complex medical concepts – over nine hundred (900) images are in color. Also, contains a Veterinary Medicine Insert

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New twenty eight edition with more that 1500 images and illustrations. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, twenty eighth edition is the most reliable “must have" resource available for the healthcare professional. The twenty eighth Edition contains over 107,000 total terms, with more than 5,000 new terms to this edition.

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Stedman’s Medical Speller, Fourth Edition

Over one hundred twenty thousand entries. Stedman’s Medical Speller, Fourth Edition is the spelling reference for MTs, court reporters, medical writers and editors. The new Fourth Edition has been updated to include new specialties. Cross referenced for easy look up by the first and last word, this edition is based on the main entries from Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Twenty Seventh Edition and Stedman’s Concise Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions, Fourth Edition. Includes the following: general medical terminology; appendix sections featuring medical prefixes, suffixes, pulmonology, and emergency medicine plus other high profile terms.

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Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary 30th Edition

For well over 100 years professionals in the field of health care have relied on Dorland’s for its comprehensiveness, accuracy, clarity, and relative ease of use. The 30th Edition of the world’s finest medical dictionary features a new design with full color, three dimensional line art, color photography and diagnostic and pathologic images. The new Edition features more than 125,000 terms including over 3,000 new terms—over 800 related to complementary as well as alternative medicine plus improved and expanded appendices. An accompanying CD ROM includes the Dorland’s Spellchecker program. This is a dictionary book with bonus spellchecker software.

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