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The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity also known as AHDI is a not-for profit professional association incorporated in the state of California in February 1978. The headquarters are located in Modesto California. AHDI is the world’s largest association for Medical Transcription. The mission of the organization is to lead the evolution of medical transcription and to represent and advance the profession and its practitioners.

AHDI offers the MT information about the profession as well as provides continuing education.

AHDI offers two voluntary credentials for the MT: The Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) credential is a level 2 credential, based on the AHDI Medical Transcriptionist Job Description.

The Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) exam is based on the level 1 AHDI Medical Transcriptionist Job Description and the competencies outlined in the AHDI Core Competencies and the AHDI Model Curriculum. It is a voluntary credentialing exam for individuals who wish to become Registered Medical Transcriptionists. The exam is administered by an outside testing agency. In offering exams for MTs, AHDI is protecting the public interest in promoting professional standards and improving upon the practice of the Medical Transcriptionist as well as recognizing professionals who demonstrate competency through the fulfillment of stated requirements.

The Method of Testing:

The exams are administered by the outside testing agency known as Prometric at their pre-designated testing centers. The test is administered on a year-round basis at sites in the U.S. and throughout the world. The test candidate sits at a computer where responses will be recorded. A headphone is provided for listening to audio clips on the practical portion of the exam. No foot pedal is provided. The candidate will operate a WAV player and use a mouse when taking his or her test. There will be no type of spelling checker or abbreviation expander, and references are not allowed in the test area.

The exam is divided in two parts: Medical Transcription-related Knowledge and Transcription Performance. The test taker is allowed to change answers, mark questions for further review and go over questions skipped within a single section of the exam.

The test normally takes around four hours at the testing center. On the day of the test, the candidate will have the opportunity to review a tutorial on the computer that will be used in correspondence with the exam. The candidate will be allowed fifteen minutes to view the tutorial as well as become familiar with the computer software and the WAV player. The time using the tutorial and gaining familiarity with the computer system will not reduce the exam time. Once the candidate feels comfortable to take the test, the exam will begin. Timing starts as soon as the MT looks at the first question on the exam.

Applying to Take the Exam

In order to apply to take a credentialing exam, the MT must first apply to AHDI by submitting his or her full name as it is shown on their official government issued ID of which they will be required to use for the purposes of identification. They must also include address, phone, and email address. An application form is available on the AHDI website. The application may then be submitted to AHDI via their online line or by email, fax, or regular mail.

After two weeks of submitting the application, an Authorization to Test letter will be sent to the applicant as well as instructions for registering with Prometric.

Test Center Locations:

Test Centers are found all over the United States in addition to multiple sites throughout the world. To locate the test location most convenient, the MT will need to visit the Prometric website located at www.Prometric.com.

Fees and Payments:
Category: Region: Price:
Member All countries except APAC and Europe $ 120.00 U.S. dollars
Member Europe Only $ 200.00 U.S. dollars
Member/Nonmember APAC Only $ 75.00 U.S. dollars
Nonmember All countries except APAC & Europe $ 200.00 U.S. dollars
Nonmember Europe Only $ 280.00 U.S. dollars

Exam Results:

Results are available immediately after taking the exam.

Individuals may earn credentials through a combination of education and experience. Further information may be researched by accessing the AHDI website located at: http://www.ahdionline.org/scriptcontnet/creddesig.cfm.

Realizing that at some point during your tenure that “credentialing" is important in the continuation of your career as a well-received and well-trained MT and is part of the process of becoming the best that you can become within the profession is necessary.

Continually, keeping apprised as to what is going on within the industry and consistently increasing your skills in interpretation will be a great deal of your success in this very important indirect role in the healthcare delivery system.

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