Chapter Three Equipment



There is a wide array of items on the market that can substantially benefit the trained MT and increase his or her marketability. For providers seeking strong MTs with an excellent understanding of the new ease of technology in the field, the following forms of equipment and software items may be useful.

The equipment and software are presented by category with a brief description and a more detailed description provided in the following pages:

Medical Dictation and Transcription Equipment

There are many excellent dictation and transcription solutions for individuals involved in the medical profession. The range of equipment includes items for small at home medical transcriptionists to large facilities such as hospitals.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Transcription Companies

VoiceWare Server is a combined Dictation and Transcription server in one system that works on a LAN system or over the internet or into a single server. You may interface your dictation machines; hospital record systems and transcription systems into one server.

WAVpedal offers hands-free playback of your PC’s audio and video files. WAVpedal is an industry standard as far as PC based transcription systems. The WAVpedal is compatible with all standard word processing systems; and provides outstanding sound quality. Additionally, there is free email support. The WAVpedal comes with software and foot pedal.

Call-In Systems: Digital Call-in Systems.

VoiceScribe represents the newest model in a transcription workstation. VoiceScribe is an effortless PC-based transcription system with Internet or LAN transmission of digital dictations; transcriptions; as well as patient, physician, hospital and dictation machine statistics and demographics.

VoiceDoc provides Digital Dictation for Now. This is Physician dictation software for the personal computer. It transmits automatically over the Internet, hospital LAN system, or works well as a stand alone type system. The software will work with hospital bar code readers; cassette recorders; Olympus and Sony hand held digital recorders; Philips and Sony slide switch microphones as well as Windows CE pocket.

At Home MT/Personal/Small OfficeCall-In Systems: Digital Call-In Systems

Stedman’s Smarttype – Speedtyping Software Microsoft Word (2,000, 2002/XP) is a medical speedtyping system that provides comprehensive medical vocabulary. It has been shown that the system reduces keystrokes by over seventy percent.

Document Counting Utilities and Line Counters: The most comprehensive and easy to use line counter plus invoicing system on the market. It lets you decide what you consider equates to a character, word, line and even a page. Enter your billing rate and start making a decent rate for all of the work that you do.

Medical Dictionaries and Spellcheckers: Stedman’s and Dorland’s Medical Dictionaries and Spellcheckers are available in book form and software versions.

MT Training courses: Learn medical transcription with various books and CD courses found on the market.

Foot Pedals: The Infinity series of foot pedals includes replacement pedals for almost all leading brands. The Infinity foot pedals are designed for both their ease of use and their ability to handle a substantial workout. The pedal has an ergonomic design including a wide, central sloping Play pedal and is large in size allowing anyone to easily move from Play to Fast Forward to Rewind.

Headsets: There are many high quality low priced headsets available for the MT.

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