A Brief Discussion Regarding Equipment



The transcriptionist will be exposed to a variety of technologies. Following are what may be expected in way of equipment. Equipment will be addressed in more detail in a later chapter.

Dictation Systems:

It goes without saying, just as the doctor relies on his or her various tools to be successful in his or her profession the MT is just as dependent on what is needed to successfully transcribe the notes dictated by the doctor. The essential tools include the computer, foot pedal and headset.

Dictation Systems have taken a gigantic leap technology wise and have improved through several different stages.

Nowadays, there are still some of the Mylar tape cassette dictation systems in use; however most of these systems have been replaced with digital technology.

The digital system works in similar fashion as a compact disc or CD. The CD will reproduce sound using digital technology with the end result being a clear dictation absent of background noises or other distracting noises found on the previous technology or Mylar tape. The voice files on a digital system are stored in digital format rather than in tape format meaning the files may be stored on your computer.

Keyboards have also experienced a similar upgrade with the newest system or input being that of speech recognition.

Nevertheless, it is the operator of any of these devices that makes the determination as to the accuracy of the documentation.

Reference Materials Needed by the Practicing MT:

A good MT should enjoy learning various words. Today there are many excellent reference materials in printed and electronic format useful in the aide of the transcriptionist’s work. Examples include: medical dictionaries, medical specialty word references, references regarding medical abbreviations, and manuals regarding medical style.

Each reference fills a definite need. A medical dictionary is useful in that it helps in showing the differences in words that sound similar. Medical specialty word and phrase references contain terms associated with specific medical specialties including terms for instruments used in surgical procedures; pharmacological terms associated with the specialty; abbreviations, and language used in conjunction with laboratory tests.

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