Chapter Two – Medical Transcription Schools



This chapter delves into the over-abundance of MT training schools on the market. As mentioned in the previous chapter, you have three options available in order to receive training in the MT field. You have the choice of community colleges, correspondence courses, and on-line training schools.

The on-line schools and correspondence schools may be easily researched on-line by doing a search of on-line Medical Transcriptionist training schools or correspondence schools.

Many on-line schools specialize in training MTs whereas traditional correspondence schools provide a variety of courses with the MT course offered as one of their educational offerings. Nevertheless, many on-line courses also offer a variety of courses with MT training and courses being one of the many options.

Community colleges may be researched on-line or you may call your local college and request a catalog of the school’s course offerings.

While the on-line courses and community colleges offer financial aide; many of the correspondence schools will let you get started for a small down payment, usually around $20.00 with regular monthly payments of under $40.00 for twenty five months. There is also no interest assessed on your payments . This may be an extremely practical answer for the individual with credit issues or for anyone on a “tight" budget.

All you need to get going is a computer and an internet connection. If you can afford to do so, as training progresses, it may be beneficial to purchase the type of equipment and software you will be using as a trained MT.

Of course, much is dependant as to what you may have decided to be your ultimate goal. As stated in the previous chapter, there are many options available as a professional MT. One option is to work at home for yourself or an MT company. In such cases, it may be helpful to plan purchasing equipment to make your future work and educational requirements easier, consulting with your school’s instructor or with those who run MT businesses.

The proper equipment is just as important as attaining a good grasp of medical terms, medicinal and anatomical knowledge and terms. (The next chapter will provide you with good information as far as newer technology used in the MT industry.)

This chapter provides you with a number of reputable schools wherein you may attain MT training. It is suggested you contact several schools of your choosing and review their MT programs before making a final determination. Also, read and re-read the instructions herein as far as selecting a school considering the various types of training available and your future career options in providing services as an MT.

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