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VoiceScribe is the transcription portion of VoiceWare and is the new standard in the MT work station. When VoiceScribe is used in conjunction with VoiceScribe, transcriptionists may transcribe work that is dictated in to any of the following equipment:

  • A dictation machine;
  • A PC running VoiceDoc;
  • A Sony digital handheld recording type of device;
  • An Olympus digital handheld recording type of device;
  • And a variety of computerized patient record systems known as CPRs

Sound quality is extremely outstanding due to VoiceWare’s proprietary sound compression system. The transcriptionist has full foot pedal control of playback, and this system reduces re-recording time, courier time as well as the annoyance of handling tapes.

Installation of VoiceScribe is accomplished through easy to understand and navigational interfaces. The foot pedal plugs into a nine pin serial port. The headphones may be plugged into the sound card or speaker jacks on the speakers.

VoiceScribe is able to automatically decompress voice files. The files are then ready to play via the foot pedal with full control over the speed, pedal, rewind and fast forwarding. The transcriptionist may use any word processing program on a personal computer, even WP5.1. When transcription is finished the report is sent back to the dictator’s computer. The finished report and voice file of the dictation may be returned together.

Reports may be transcribed in any order and all reports are viewable by the report number, subject or file name, date, etc. The reports, while at the transcriptionist’s computer, my be proofed with the voice if needed, and once returned to the dictator may once again be proofed and edited with the actual voice dictation.

VoiceWare Server 241

Dictation/ Transcription Server

The VoiceWare Server 241 is the most advanced dictation machine available on the market. With the VoiceWare Server you receive both a dictation machine and a transcription server in one system and at one low price.

VoiceWare Server is the main hub linking all your dictation and transcription components together in one place. There are several built in secure communications options that come with VoiceWare Server including a 128 bit encryption over the Internet, direct modem to modem communications and LAN and WAN connectivity. A single VoiceWare Server may be configured with 0 to 192 simultaneous phone ports and 0 to 1000 simultaneous Internet ports.

The VoiceWare Server can accommodate more digital sound file types than any other system on the market. The VoiceWare Server supports Sony, Olympus, Dictaphone, DVI, Phillips and many more. The powerful ODB demographics system makes it easy and expedient to link to external databases, in example ADT systems without the use of programmers. There is an optional document distribution system for faxing, secure email, remote printing, and exporting to FTP, websites and EMR systems.

VoiceWare Server’s “never lose a job" architecture will perform job tracking from beginning of recording to return of the completed transcription in one easy to manage screen.

Dictation recordings, transcriptions, demographics, and quality assurance edits are all linked within a single database in a single server.

Following are functions you may perform while using VoiceWare Server 241 as well as features of the system:

  • Dictate over the telephone
  • Dictate into handheld digital recorders
  • Dictate into Personal Computer microphones (Phillips, Sony and more)
  • 0 to 192 phone in ports available per server
  • Supports up to one thousand (1,000) transcriptionists on a single server
  • Transcription server built into the dictation system
  • Transcribe securely over the Internet
  • Secure database driven repository of your transcribed documents
  • Optional document distribution system for faxing, secure email, remote printing, etc.
  • Job tracking from beginning of the recording to return of the finished document to the client’s site within an easy to manage screen
  • Bi directional HL-7 interface to most major brands
  • RIS and PACS integration to most major brands
  • Electronic signature.
  • 128 bit encryption for HIPAA compliance
  • Creates its own VPN or will work within your VPN
  • There is Nationwide service, support and training
  • Although rich in features, very easy to manage

Currently, the all digital software systems for dictation and transcription start at just $490.00; two-port phone-in servers for dictation and digital transcription start at $3,995.00.

WAVPedal 7

This is the original WAVPedal. This is still the best so do not be fooled by imitations.

WAV Pedal 7 is a simple, easy to use interface that allows the MT to control the playback of WAV; Sony MSV; Sony DVF; BCB/PC Dart; Digital voice VoicePower; MP#; Olympus DSS; Voice-It SRI; Microsoft Network; Voxware; and Windows Media files on your personal computer with this extraordinary foot pedal. The pedal control of voice files will allow you to easily type into your word processor while listening to the voice all from your personal computer. There is no need for transcription equipment.

Installation is flawless. WAVPedal is extremely easy to learn. All you need to do is point and click at the sound file you want to play and WAVPedal will load your word processor automatically and associate your selected voice file with your word processor file.

At this point, you are ready to transcribe: listen to the file and control playback with the foot pedal. The interface will allow you to raise the volume of the file or you may lower it. Additionally, you will have the ability to make it slow down in order that you can listen to those very fast dictations at a slower rate, and you may make it play faster for QA listening. The foot pedal has rewind and fast forward speeds and is available in Serial port or USB configurations. Oh by the way, the sound quality is absolutely outstanding.

WAVPedal is a 32-bit application.

Features of WAVPedal 7:

  • WAVPedal Communications enables FTP transfers to and from FTP Sites. It runs outside of WAVPedal and may be started from its icon or by having WAVPedal load it automatically when WAVPedal is run. You may configure as many FTP Sites as needed.
  • AutoPlay is a feature that allows you to automatically load certain files from folders that you select. You may save a lot of time and effort by not needing to search for your next file to play.
  • There are two foot pedal connection types: Serial and USB.
  • A scroll bar shows your place in the file and enables you to go directly to the place you choose on that bar
  • WAVmarks which allow you to bookmark any place in a file
  • Hot Keys: system wide key combinations that you define to perform various functions, in example, louder, faster, rewind, etc. Hot Keys will work in any application as long as WAVPedal is running.
  • The option to allow WAVPedal’s windows to float above all other windows on the desktop or behave normally.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Voice Recognition Software

Model: Medical 9

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 allows healthcare professionals to complete clinical notes instantly and at a fraction of the cost of manual transcription. Each doctor that uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 can save tens of thousands of dollars per year. It is fast, easy to use and highly accurate. Use with any Microsoft Office application, or any Windows based Electronic Medical Records solution. Packaged with 14 pre-configured medical specialty vocabularies and allows you to create other custom vocabularies as well in order to maximize recognition accuracy.

Includes tools for network deployments such as support for Citrix thin clients. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 means lower overall costs and better patient care.

Model: Medical 9.0 Small Practice Edition

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 Small Practice Edition is now available. Most solo practitioners have not been able to benefit from the use of enterprise information technology products. Issues such as prohibitive cost and workflow combined to create barriers for the small practice until now. Find out how Medical 9.0 Small Practice Edition works for the small practitioner.

Medical Transcription headsets come in many varieties. Following are some styles and price ranges:

The Gear Player Medical Transcription Pedal, Software, and Headset is an example of a combination package. The package additionally includes a USB Connector—foot control version. Priced on Ebay at $200.00

The New-KOSS Medical Transcription Headset provides a dual speaker; 3.5 plug. High fidelity sound is terrific. The headset is under chin styling and has out of the ordinary flat disc/dual speakers. Priced on Ebay for around $22.00.

New MT Aluminum Stethoscope style Headset is “fun" and unique. Provides the ultimate in sound quality. Priced at $27.00 on Ebay.

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