Chapter One: Researching MT Training



The field of the MT is an evolving career. The field continues to grow in order to meet the ever changing demands of the health care industry.

There are some excellent opportunities available to those individuals suited to this line of work.

It is much more complex than merely listening to the dictation of a health professional and keying his or her verbatim comments into a word processor or computer. Although, that is the general idea, there are some very good reasons why physicians and other health care professionals want a highly skilled trained MT.

The special terminology is the foremost reason as to why training is essential. As an MT, you need to be able to recognize particular words, in example, the word “tibia." The terminology aspect is one of the reasons transcriptionists need specialized training. The medical terms portion will be taught with practice exercises as part of the curriculum.

Health care professionals involved in an area of medical specialty seek out MTs who are able to transcribe notes in their discipline.

The MT with the proper kind of training will find that he or she need not constantly pause when transcribing physician’s notes in order to look up particular words.

The MT who continues to type without a lot of stopping is the true professional MT. A good MT program should easily get you to this point.

Additionally, physicians are not the only ones needing fully trained MTs. Most training programs on the market will prepare an individual for other specialized circumstances. In example, the MT may be called upon to transcribe notes when a patient is ready to depart or leave the hospital. Needless to say, the notes must be precise and legible and available immediately.

A strong point in any type of MT training is the need to be fast and accurate in one’s transcription, particularly when encountering real time circumstances. Busy emergency rooms are not going to become quiet in order that the MT may focus on his or her transcribing: in example, orders provided by a physician for a patient who is soon to be released.

In fact, there are a good many MT programs that will place a student in a noisy and busy situation instructing the student to go ahead and transcribe. Therefore, not only is it fundamentally important that a student successfully learn medical terms, it is equally critical that he or she develop excellent listening skills.

There are other key factors that will be involved in the student’s training including: how to use the technology such as software applications, medical related resources (that will serve as beneficial); and how to handle special and specific circumstances that the MT may possibly encounter on his or her job.

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