More Reasons to Start your Training as an MT



By now after reviewing the brief directory of transcription companies you should have a fairly good idea that getting set up at home as a professional MT is relatively easy. Also you have the choice to become an employee with excellent benefits or an independent contractor working your own schedule. Also the compensation is excellent particularly if you are a fast Transcriptionist and well-versed in the medical language. Please note, that many transcription companies like it if you have several specialties under your belt. And as you have been scanning the companies, also note that one even suggested paying for your CMT designation.

The “proof is in the pudding" and if this isn’t proof enough that the well-trained MT’s chances of having a career at home are excellent then there probably isn’t anything that will convince you of this fact. Re-read the job descriptions once more and absorb all the opportunities awaiting you in a home career as an MT. Read them as you perform your studies. This will be incentive enough to keep your mind focused on performing at your highest level in the high-demand field of the work at home MT.

Additionally, not only are the companies found on these pages currently hiring there are virtually thousands upon thousands of others looking for well-trained MTs to work at home. So get busy today and start looking for a school that will match your lifestyle and assist you in reaching your career goals.

Reasons to work at home as a trained MT:

  • No gas or commute costs
  • More time to be close to your family
  • Basic equipment needed: Computer and internet—some companies provide equipment—re-read directory
  • May schedules in which to choose
  • Hiring bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • May be hired as employee or independent contractor
  • Excellent “top-notch" benefits provided for individuals who choose to become employees
  • May work anywhere in the United States
  • Some companies offer free training to become a Certified MT adding to your income and marketability
  • With many companies: choose your specialty
  • Privacy if you set yourself up appropriately with a home office
  • Office portion of your home may be taken as a tax write off if employed as an independent contractor—consult your tax professional
  • And more.

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